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    2. Ctrip Channel Manager

      Join China’s largest online travel service provider, Ctrip, and use SiteMinder’s Channel manager to keep your rooms and rates up to date.

      Ctrip Channel Manager by SiteMinder

      Get started with Ctrip

      Be among the elite tapping directly into a booming travel industry

      Having pioneered a two-way XML integration with China’s largest online travel service provider, Ctrip, SiteMinder’s Channel manager provides a pivotal connection for hotels looking to directly access the country’s soaring online travel industry.

      This integration has put SiteMinder customers among the first in the world to have direct access to Ctrip’s XML connection.

      Recent data indicates:

      • The number of Chinese outbound tourists in 2014 totalled 107 million, a year-on-year growth of 19.5%, making China the single largest tourist exporting country in the world. In 2015, this increased to 120 million.
      • China’s online travel revenue will reach around $75 billion by 2017.
      • Since 2016, more than 50% of outbound travel by the Chinese is to a range of destinations all over the world.

      4 reasons to use SiteMinder as your Ctrip channel manager:

      Get more rooms booked

      Attract guests globally with clever direct booking technology

      Convert more hotel guests

      Convert guests globally and maximise your revenue potential with the leading cloud platform for hotels.

      3rd party bookings channels

      Reach guests globally through over 400 distribution channels

      Global reach

      More than 35,000 hotels from 160 countries have partnered with SiteMinder.

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