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      With over 800 integrations we’ve got you covered

      Gone are the days of manually managing your room booking so you need a company who connects in real-time with your choice of hotel technology. SiteMinder has an extensive partnership with over 250 hotel technology providers across PMSs, CRSs, RMSs and payment providers.

      Being connected with the right distribution channels is critical in improving your occupancy. With SiteMinder you have access to over 400 of the world’s top online distribution companies such as Booking.com, Expedia, and Tripadvisor.

      Meta Search

      The latest emerging, aggregated channels such as TripConnect and Google Hotel Ads.
      (Note: Google Hotel Ads requires that the group must have 100+ properties in order to qualify)

      Partner with us

      Unlock unprecedented reach to global and regional markets.

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